Here is what our customers have to say.

Bill and Dottie Dugan Estate

Thanks for all your hard work and getting everything ready. I never saw an auctioneer clean items so they would look good for the sale! You all put a lot of hard work and hours into all four sales, and they all did great. It’s been great working with you all.

Mike Flowers
Hancock, MD

Bill and Dottie Dugan Estate

I personally want to thank Mountain State Auction Services for the great job they did handling my niece's estate. Louie, Colin, and John were great. Their expertise was above and beyond, honest and hardworking to make sure things are done right. With losing both parents in a week and COVID-19, a live auction wasn’t possible with the estate, but Mountain State Auction Services offered an online auction, which turned out to be a godsend. Four auctions later, with stuff going to numerous states, the auction went very well. I highly recommend these guys for any of your auction needs. Live, online, or whatever, these guys know how to work hard and get things done and are very knowledgeable on antiques and what-nots. Special thanks go to the caretaker of property, Mike Flowers, and Louie for everything you guys did to help my nieces. You guys found stuff we didn’t even know was there. Working as a team, this auction was a success, and you have my sincere thanks.

Gene Ritchie
Minot, North Dakota 

Al and Dorris Bridge Downsizing

Very  professional and trustworthy! I don’t know how I would have handled my parents’ home clean-out without their help!

Deb Bridge DiMattia
Branchville, New Jersey